Who we are

Hi, friend and welcome to the SlimGym weight loss transformation studio! I’m so happy to see you here. My name is Vera and I’m the studio owner.

SlimGym WLTS is a very unique fitness studio located in the heart of East Grove, Escondido. We are surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature… and a few big chain gyms, and to be honest with you, I could never find my place in a big gym. I didn’t feel I belonged there. I didn’t feel I got the attention I needed or had enough support. After searching long and hard for a place that would feel like mine, but never finding one that would be close to home, I decided that I needed to open my own. So here it is!

A place where people care. A place where you have everything you need – from a custom workout to your own personal transformation journal. A place where you can come in and not feel like a workout is a boring “obligation”, but rather a fun activity you do to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. A place where we help you set your goals and achieve them in the most effective way.

Our place offers a variety of services – all of which are 100% customizable, and for a simple reason: we CARE. We care about you and your goals, and we care about the steps you take to reach those goals.

Here you can be sure that you are treated like a VIP because every client at SlimGym WLTS IS a VIP.

Come in for a session before your workday, or after to relieve the stress of a long day with the kids. Sign up for our LEVEL UP training program to receive all the benefits of a professional working with you. Have a kid or two or five – no problem! They can come in and play in our KidCorner or even work out with you – start their active lifestyle early and watch them grow into healthy and confident adults. Want to learn more about nutrition – we’ve got that, too: daily calorie intake calculation and meal-plans at your fingerprints.

And last but not least – our signature program: BODY TRANSFORMATION FOR LIFE. I will be honored to help you transform into a healthier, more fit and happier person. I have had an amazing transformation myself and have ALL the tools and tricks to help you achieve your transformation in a fun way without having to starve yourself or doing extensive amounts of cardio.

For a limited time, I am offering a FREE assessment for new clients. Call me to schedule your free assessment today – and don’t forget to share with a friend to show them you care about them, too.

Again, I am beyond excited to see you here! Let’s meet in person sometime soon!

Vera Stepina
Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist,
Founder of SlimGym WLTS.