Program for women over 50 who want to become stronger, regain balance and rehabilitate from injuries

Our Strong Over 50 is one of a kind fitness and nutrition program that is designed specifically for women who want to start or continue living an active life but are’t sure what steps to take.
We want you to feel safe, enjoy your exercise and benefit from it!

Custom private training sessions targeted to improve core strength and balance.

Training in a supportive environment helps increase the likelihood of sticking to the program and seeing better results

Variety of training methods that are challenging for the body but are still low impact and gentle on joints

This program is for you if:

you would like to get stronger

you would like to improve your balance

you would like to have more energy

you have lower back, knee, hip or shoulder pain and cannot participate in intense workouts such as gym classes

you get intimidated by gym environment and don’t know what to do

you are afraid to get hurt in a big gym

you don’t feel you “belong” to a big gym

you like small group workouts rather than being in a large group of people

you need close attention of a trainer but cannot afford personal training

you would like to lose some weight

you need help with nutrition

Included in the program:
***Private Strength class***

***Private Stretching and Flexibility class***
***Private Balance and Core class***

***Nutrition: meal planning, recipe suggestions, calorie calculation, supplements***

***Weigh in, fitness assessment and measurements before and after the program***

***Support from the group***
***Access to the trainer 24/7 via email or phone***

If you want to live your life to the fullest

If you want to have more energy

If you want to feel better

If you want to be there for your family longer

If you want to participate in activities instead of sitting on a bench

If you want to get healthier

If you DON’T want to miss a moment from your kids’ and grandkids’ lives

If you want to be strong and happy

This program IS for you!

Take your first step today and make some change in your life.

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