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Friends, please meet Maria.

Maria is a mom of two adorable kiddos, a military wife and has a full time job. So when it comes to not having time to exercise, she really doesn’t have any.

However, last year, when her husband was deployed, she decided to change her lifestyle. We asked Maria a few questions, and we love her reasons to exercise and we are so proud of her Transformation!

When did you join SlimGym, and why did you decide to join us?

I joined in July 2017. I was ready to get back in shape, lose those extra pounds, and strengthen my body to eliminate work related pain. Lastly, I wanted to surprise my husband who had deployed in July for 7 months. We planned a trip to Hawaii upon his return and I knew I wanted to get in a bathing suit.

Please describe in a few sentences what your experience has been like, what was easy and what was hard, what kept you going and how SlimGym was helping you stay on track

The hardest part was showing up to SlimGym that fist day. My friend suggested we go together to help motivate each other. The easiest part was signing up for a monthly membership after about two weeks of working out with Vera. I found a small gym where I don’t feel lost or overwhelmed with all the machines. SlimGym has small group workouts that gives me the support that I need. It’s like working out with a personal trainer every time! Being able to bring my kids to gym is a major plus for a mom like me.

What do you think your biggest transformation is and why?

My self esteem has been my biggest transformation. It’s amazing to be able to fit in my pre-baby jeans, I regained my strength, and when I look in the mirror I actually see myself again!

Why would you recommend SlimGym to your friends?

SlimGym has given me my my body back, my confidence, and my self-esteem so I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Thank you so much, Maria! We are so happy to be able to help you get your confidence and self-esteem back, because after all feeling confident in your own body is the best feeling ever!

Are you ready to transform your life too? We can help you get started today, all you need to do is take that first step and show up! Ask about our FREE three day pass, and start your transformation